Shade The Sims

An easy-to-use ReShade installer tailored for the Sims 4 with more than 10 different presets.

Effortless and Safe Installation

With our user-friendly installer, setting up Reshade with The Sims 4 is a breeze. Plus, enjoy peace of mind knowing it's regularly verified as virus-free by Microsoft and secured with encryption to ensure its legitimacy.
How to install?

Personalize Your World with Style

Dive into over 8 different presets designed to match a variety of tastes and aesthetics. And don't hesitate to suggest new styles - we're always eager to expand the collection!
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Upgrade The Sims with Reshade

Shade The Sims takes your Sims gameplay to the next level by enhancing visuals with stunning effects via an awesome tool called 'Reshade'.
What's reshade?

Get Started for Free

Press 'download' and get access to Reshade presets and shaders in just a few seconds.
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